Every Year the Donation Receipt Comes

Anyone who regularly considers charitable organizations knows the phenomenon. In the course of January, the donation receipts trickle in. This is then placed without much thought to his tax documents. This monetary contribution can be deducted from taxable income - at least in Switzerland. It is often forgotten that a lot of time is required for this piece of paper in an organization that is mainly supported by volunteers. 
Out of gratitude for a successful first business year, greengenieur gmbh donated some "time" to a non-profit organization and automated the creation of donation receipts. Data from various sources was prepared in such a way that multiple donations were combined into a total amount and a handsome, classic form letter with amount and address was generated. If an e-mail address was available, the routine generated a draft mail including the letter as an attachment. To be on the safe side, intermediate checks and manual corrections were still possible everywhere before the letters were printed or the e-mails were sent. 
As is usually the case with such projects, the biggest time-consumers were the data preparation and the realization of some details. 
Conclusion: Exciting project, much learned and a happy organization that can now use its time for more important things.