Building Pollutants

Recognize dangers and react correctly.

In buildings built in 1990 and older, building pollutants such as asbestos have often been used. These can be dangerous for people and the environment, especially during renovation work.
During restoration, contaminated components must be located, identified, removed and finally disposed of properly.
greengenieur helps you to easily identify existing pollutants in your property. So that your building project becomes a success story.
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greengenieur carries out building pollutant diagnostics with the necessary expertise and great care. Our investigations cover a whole range of pollutants. With our building check you will have clarity which parts of the building are contaminated and with which urgency they should be treated. Our diagnostic report will provide the required evidence when applying for a building permit. When buying or selling real estate, you can gain certainty that your property is, in the best case, free of building contaminants.

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