Reverse Engineering Prolongs the Security of Supply of a Product

The last few years have made it painfully clear to us. The security of supply of goods and products cannot be taken for granted. Distortions in global supply chains, health emergencies or political escalations can interrupt supplies from one day to the next. For an individual company, however, even the bankruptcy or product discontinuation of a supplier can be an essential threat. Every company or organisation is therefore well advised to locate neuralgic points in the company and to work out alternatives. For example, greengenieur was allowed to analyse an important mechanical component in the product portfolio for a customer by means of so-called reverse engineering and to work out the necessary technical specifications. After the first trial samples and extensive tests, our customer can now better guarantee the availability of its products and has gained a bit of independence. In the course of the project, further optimisation and development possibilities have emerged, which can complement the existing product range and thus achieve added value for the customer. Reverse engineering also makes it possible to operate older production plants for longer, for which the necessary spare parts are no more available. This saves the time-consuming replacement of proven installations and also serves to conserve resources. greengenieur supports the localisation of critical components in the product portfolio throughout to the development of customised technical solutions.