Small Assistant for Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics (PV) is on everyone's lips. Long ridiculed as unprofitable, it has been experiencing a real boom for several years. Many people now want to have their own system installed, but providers are struggling with a number of problems. The patchwork of building regulations, permits and feed-in tariffs are the minor challenges at the moment. The big issue is that there are too few people who can plan PV systems. During realisation, the availability of the right material is sometimes an imponderable. Once the two hurdles of planning and procurement have been overcome, there is often a lack of skilled workers for on-site installation. With all of these adversities, it is important to move quickly during installation. For this purpose, professionals often develop small, helping tools to speed up certain work. For example, a company among greengenieur's customers has developed a holder for optimizers. This allows the optimizer to be mounted and wired to the substructure on the roof in seconds with one hand.  Since the profiles of the substructures change from generation to generation, the customer was looking for a new solution. greengenieur was able to offer a modification with simple means and simplify it more, which additionally saves costs.

Small assistant for photovoltaics